Wednesday, 1 October 2014

#wickedwednesdays #11

We all love a moustache right? Ahh I cant wait for my kids to bring their girlfriends/boyfriends home!!!!!

Big Thanks to Santa for leaving such a great (ok, ok a bit crappy!) gift in the Kids stocking last Christmas, they came in lots of fun! :)



Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Times Are A-Changing. Update!

I though I would do a quick update after my Times Are A-Changing post and let you know how we are all adjusting to our new routine...

What I Thought:
I had a few fears in my last post, that Jenson wouldn't settle and would cry when I left him.


Hes been fine! His first day was like he had always been there! No tears, no fuss, he was relaxed, chilled out and as cool as a cucumber! It totally suprised me, like knocked me for six suprised me! This is the boy who refuses to leave the house with anyone unless me or his Daddy are going...the boy who will scream if we leave him with a babysitter either at home or at their house! He's taken to it like a duck to water. And he loves going to!

What I Thought:
Evie would withdraw and be lost without Jenson.


Evie is fine! For the first few days she wouldnt talk to be for at least 20 minutes after we had left him and I was a bit worried. But actually she is enjoying Mummy time (Elsie goes down for a nap)  where we can bake and play dollies and watch bloody Peppa Pig! Its actually become my favourite part of the day, walking back from school me and my 2 youngest. Its the most relaxed part of the day, peaceful, relaxed and happy. 

What I Thought:
Will Elsie be OK without her usual nap?

NO! NO and NO! again. She wasn't OK without her nap, she used to sleep from 10.30-1.30 and would go bed at 7.00pm sleep until 2/3 o clock have a bottle go bac down and sleep until 6.30/7.00am. In our new routine she was sleeping 10.30-11.30 I was having to wake her up she was going bed at 7 absolubtly shattered and waking every 2 hours through the night! This had to change! For my own sanity as well as her health, she was clearly not egtting enough sleep!

Now she gets up at around 6.30, breakfast/playtime. Then sleeps 9.30 until 11.30, gets up, school run, home, playtime, dinner, sleeps 1.30-2.30 gets up, school run, playtime, tea, bath, then bed at 7ish. waking at around 2ish for her bottle. 

So thank god that got sorted!

What I Thought:
We wont ever get any activities done.

We get more done! Because I am adamant to still get to do fun with Jenson so we get an activity in most mornings and then in the afternoon when Elsie is sleeping me and Evie get to do something fun together too. Perfect!

So as you can see its actually made for a happier home. The kids behaviour (in general) has been loads better. School is just what Jenson needed, and some Mummy time is what Evie needed. And me? I just needed the kids to behave and calm down, and because they are getting what they need I'm more relaxed too!*

*I'm not stating my kids are perfect, nor am I living in a stress free house BUT its more than happier than it was before and that's good enough for me!

Major Chef-y Mum Fail!

I would call myself a good cook, I like to prepare meals, and snacks, from fresh for my monsters so when I saw these scrummy apple chips I didn't think anything of it...

Was a simple recipe thinly slice your apple's coat in a cinnamon sugar bake in the oven for 2 hours...yeah I can do that, I mean even on the most stressed days I should be able to complete that! I mean anyone could do that...even Dean (and he cant not cook a thing!) 

So I set to work this afternoon, settled Elsie and Evie down with their lunch and got slicing...

and mixing cinnamon sugar...

and coating apples and then I quickly needed Google...I have a gas oven I'm not a human convertor so occasionally (ok all the time) I need to check a conversion chart...225c---Gas 7-8. Put them in the oven and sit down to eat my lunch.

Not long after the most amazing smell comes wafting into the Kitchen...

An then 5 minutes later it happens...I smell burning.

Now thinking that maybe I forgot to peel some paper of the new baking tray and that has maybe burnt I open the door to the dining room/kitchen to find smoke...smoke filled kitchen...smoke filled dining room...smoke filled bathroom. Panicing I whack open the back door and open the oven...this is what I found...

So as you can imagine I'm a bit, erm confused so headed back to the recipe to see what the hell I had done wrong...ohh it said 225F, which for any one who cant convert, is gas 1-2. Talk about a FAIL! 

A fail of the major kind!! So ermm it will be the corner shop after school? For a milky way yeah? Better Luck tomorrow!

Toddler Approved. Yoghurt Bark.

The beauty of this is its versatility...

What you need:
Large Tub Fat Free Natural Yoghurt
Choice of Toppings...we used dried apple pieces, mini fudge pieces, strawberry fruit drops and chocolate chips.

There are some great options I have about swap the youghurt for melted white chocolate topped with freeze dried strawberry and pistachio's (yum, I;m going to make this one for myself soon keep a look out!) or how about a fruit and nut youghurt bark? 

First up cover your baking tray with some greaseproof paper...then pour the yoghurt onto the paper and spread it round (it needs to be quite thick)...

Next sprinkle on your toppings and pop in the freezer over night. 

Break up and store in a freezer in a suitable tub. 

Signs I'm Turning Into My Mum!

My sisters have long long LONG told me I am our Mum, I've always said don't be ridiculous, not because I'm ashamed but because she has the funniest ridiculous habits, like singing at the top of a whispered voice which actually is worse than a high pitch singing sesh! But then last night reality hit...

So here are the 5 signs I'm turning into my beloved Mummy...I am getting OLD (Sorry Mum) I understand that the most of you have no idea who my mum is but please bear with me you might find you relate too:

1) I have 'my chair'.

Well I have my seat on our sofa...and I make anyone sat in it move by stating (just like Mum) 'out my seat NOW!'

2) I utter THOSE words I promised myself I would never say...

'Im not a piece of shit on the bottom of your shoe'
'your grounded' (to actually never ground at all)

3) I love 'good value' and hate waste!

Now when my dad used to work away, money used to be tight, he would get paid cash and being in the Isle of Wight he couldnt just get it to us so easily so Mum would budget...On one occasion (yep Mum I'm gonna tell THAT story!) she bought a million and one sausages from Iceland because they were cheap...therefor for the next week we ate nothing but sausages! Sausages Mum though she was serving in 'imaginative ways' but nope sausage with spaghetti (and a dollop of tommy ketchup) does not make for Spaghetti and meatballs poor makes for sausages AGAIN..for the millionth a week! Anyway my point is I hear from Dean all the time 'mushrooms again?', peppers AGAIN?  because I will buy the biggest pack possible for its 'better value' and then to avoid watse will bulk just about every meal I can get away with, with said food!

4) I do foot dancing...

That is all...I did a foot dance (you know tapping your foot, wiggling your toes) to Lionel Ritchie last night watching Sunday night at the palladium! OH.THE.SHAME!

5) I make lists...neat lists! 

I have started making lists...list for everything...I start a shopping list BUT the minute it starts looking scruffy I rip it up and start again! My Mum used to have a book for Xmas. Gift ideas written in blue, underlined in red when she had bought it and crossed out with a neat line, in black when it was wrapped...I used to take the Now this idea rocks...this is awesome!

And so..this is where the list ends...or actually should end BUT I have still got a few things I need to add. Which must only mean one thing...I am now my Mum!! So here's a few more for you...

6) I am a bit embarrassing, but don't realise it until its too late!

This happened on Saturday, whilst I muttered the words 'Your not to old for a kiss just because your with your friends,  sorry Ellie I will never ever ever do this again! Actually I probs will, seeing as at 30 years of age my Mum still manages to embarass me!

7) I call the kids stupid names in public.

Mum used to call us 'Ninnys' it was her way of telling us of in public, in front of know when you have that extra bit of patience. I have found my self saying 'stop acting a wally...' when the kids are been shits...when really at home it would be 'stop been a bloody little shit or your going to your bed!!'

8) The programmes I enjoy are changing!

I used to be able to spend all day watching programmes like Cribs, Super Sweet 16, Towie (sorry still llove that one!) you get the, well now my fave programmes include period dramas like Downton, TV dramas like CSI, chat shows like Loose Women, and morning TV like This Morning (well that is when I get a chance to watch my TV and not Cbeebies, Nickelodeon or the hubs shit TV!) 

9) My favourite drink is coffee.

Long gone are the days of cocktails, wine, vodka and more cocktails oh no for now, I would rather have a cup of coffee in my hand! Coffee is even my drink of choice in Starbucks/Costa etc...not a luxury Hot Chocolate with all the trimmings!

And finally...

10) I have told Ellie she is going to school....its not a fashion show.

Ohhhhh how I promised PROMISED (actually pinky promised myself) that I would never ever ever speak these words to my kids..because lets face is a fashion show, you look like shit those awful playground bullies are gonna rip you to shreds....but tough your still not wearing heeled shoes, short skirts OR makeup to erm just go sort yourself out..NOW!
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